Women Vision International

    The mission of Women Vision International is to work together
    in harmony with a Higher Spirit to
    improve the quality of life for women and children
    throughout the world by empowering women to be economically self-sufficient.

    How You Can Make A Difference

    Help Native Women in your neighbourhood become economically self-sufficient.

    Women Vision International Operations - Help Women Vision Internation continue to accomplish its mission of empowering women worldwide become economically self-sufficient.

    The Power of women

    Women are are a phenomen which can be hardly explained
    Women are of wonder of mankind, they give lives, are hard in taking and act tough like men in todays world.

    Women also give up riddles. Its sometime a problem of men having difficultires understanding them. If women speak in their language, they simply only often forget that men cannot understand them at all because they think quite differently. Women have a different view and vision on many things.

    Looking at the history of the women, it is astonishing that they had to fight for emancipation. It is even far more absurd that women still don't have anything to say and to decide in some countries of this world.

    It is suspected by many scientists that it was quite different once. Originally women had a far higher place in society. The ability to give birth to new life and to look after descendants made woman quite special and valuable. Women safeguarded the continuance of humanity. She decided what happened in the house and around the house or the cave. The men simply had simply the task of providing food and fur. Women and men nevertheless helped each other.

    With the further development of society the women however went more into an economic dependence. The men discovered that they had a certain influence on the life by obtaining food and other things and improved this influence to a position of power in the course of the years. Women were impeded by force and also with a social pressure on the other hand.

    However many women discovered in the meantime that they can take back their old role and responsibilties. Emancipation is called the word which shall bring women the role being entitled to them back in the society now.