Breast cancer is the most frequent cause of death with women

    Breast cancer is a very common cancer illness with women. However, the chances of recovery stand very well provided that the cancer is discovered in the early stage.

    Nearly 50.0000 women suffer from breast cancer alone in Germany every year. Every woman should go to have preventive cancer examination every year and let herself be examined by a specialist. Only if the cancer is diagnosed in the early stage, there is a good chance to defeat the cancer. Nowadays there are many successful therapy possibilities. One can avoid even a mastectomy in many cases.

    All these examinations serve an important purpose and are part of the early stage diagnostics of breast cancer: Defeating the cancer and being getting better again. The death rate is still so high, connected with the fact that these appointments aren't regularly observed. Particularly endangered are women whose family already had cases of breast cancer. In addition, many other factors contribute to this illness like way of life or diet. Self examination of the chest makes sense at home, although this doesn't replace the regular visit with the doctor. If the suspicion of breast cancer is there once, further examinations and test are carried out. Mammography, Sonographie and biopsy are included.

    A biopsy allows a detailed analysis and a decision whether there is cancer or not. These examinations are carried out in special laboratories. In most cases one it is not difficult to remove the tumor from the chest easily. As a rule, a lymph node is in addition removed in the armpit to prevent metastases. After the operation are usually a chemotherapy and radiotherapies required. These therapies can bring some unpleasant side effects, but the success of therapy is largely extended on the other side.

    Since the exact cause isn't known of breast cancer, one can counteract the illness only with the right precautions. Every woman should regularly palpate her chest in her own interest and observe the appointments for the annual precautions examinations. If a woman discovers something unusual in the chest, she should immediately go to a doctor. The earlier the better. Because it is often already too late. Other things are try to prevent. Try to relax, try to make wellness, try to make sports. All these things which are good for your healths in general